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2005:12:18 21:52:13 

Canon PowerShot S2 IS    Exposure: 1 1/3 sec    F-Number: 8    Focal: 23.2    More EXIF Information
Flash:Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
Metering Mode:Pattern

The re-telling of a cold winter night.
T'was seven nights before Christmas,
and all through my blog
Not a photo spoke merriment, not even snow -- or eggnog;
So donning our packs and tripods with care,
we headed out in hopes of getting new photos to share.
My good buddy Sean with D70 in hand
and I with my canon we soon -- concocted a plan.

Newmarket was our ambition, with high hopes abound
In the forest we wandered on the snow covered ground.
Sixty pictures I took, but not one did I like
So back again to the car -- we moved to take flight.

Now Collingwood we headed for our seasonal -- photo montage,
determined to find something; we even eyeballed -- the ski lodge.
To the top of blue mountain! To the top of the slope!
We focused and framed and took pictures with hope.
We got stuck only once and just for a minute or two
then we slid down the hillside leaving skid marks a-new.

Our fingers -- how they froze! Our toes were not merry!
The thoughts of other parts freezing was simply too scary!
We didn't stay long, then back to the car
We were cold and hungry and Beeton seemed far.

Chicken wings and some beer was then timely proposed,
unfortunally for us near ten the bar was already closed.
Stuck with just pizza and lukewarm pop at best
We ate the whole darn thing; gave our poor feet a rest.

Recalling the tale it was a heck of a time!
I just hope you can excuse my cheesy short rhyme.
As I wrap up my journey I'd like to -- disclose
Merry Christmas to all and may you never over-EXPOSE!

comments (4)
lol, great rhymes. Wonderful photograph, nicely exposed. and Merry Christmas to you.
Dan @ 12/21/2005 4:22:23 AM
Interesting shot - I like the dimly lit scene and "star" like effect of the lights. As usual, very strong composition.
Dave @ 12/23/2005 7:33:04 PM
nice shot, I like the light
Julio @ 12/23/2005 11:02:02 PM
what a great shot. the lighting is excellent and the effects of the light looks as though there are many stars surrounding the mountain. Great rhyme.
Leanne @ 12/24/2005 4:15:03 PM
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